microphones in the trees: ocotillo

Sunday, August 12, 2012


"this ensemble started as a rebellious joke and ended with the creation of a whole new dark form of high desert magic, as well as this incredible album. of all the "shamanic" or star-eyed mystic types that came and went throughout the existence of Desert Lotus, Ocotillo, a self-described "qliphothic cactus cult", were working with a much more sinister style of sorcery than anyone else within the community. In response to transcendent feeling of the Journey to Ixtlan album, Ocotillo soon held their own fraternal gathering to create and record their own musical rites and what results is this beautiful album of dark folkish meditations that sonically interpret the twisted astral pathways unlocked and navigated by these spiritual mavericks alone." desert lotus / journey to Ixtlan family

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