microphones in the trees: brendan codey

Sunday, August 26, 2012

brendan codey

"Philadelphia songwriter Brendan Codey just released his latest collection of spacey jams: the Casco ep, recorded over several years, and in several locales ~ a bedroom in New Jersey, apartments in Maine and Chicago, and his current home in Philly ~ and is a fine survey of the tones and textures Codey has explored thus far in his recording career. “Diaspora” showcases his nimble folk-style acoustic fingerpicking; “What a Lucky Girl You Are” blends that with spacey backwards loops similar to his debut EP A Bottle House Vernacular; “The 43rd Suite” is a straight-up space rock anthem in the vein of “Twelfth Page” (spotlighted last year in the Philly Local Philes). Codey says a few of the tracks are destined for a full album he plans to release later this year, tentatively titled Phoenicia 1995." the key

"This Philly songwriter has a knack for combining dusty, folky ramblin’ trail songs like “Diaspora” with vast and ambitious 70’s-style orchestrated post-hippie reaction pieces like this one into a single set of songs. His Neil Young influence is worn proud, like a frayed navajo serape at a bonfire." yvynyl

"Gorgeous, complex and heartbreaking work....This is the kind of album you should have headphones on for ~ and let it wash over you like laying in pillowy fresh snowbank during a snowstorm ~ so cozy and soft, but fall asleep and you could be dead. Recorded throughout January and February, deep into a recent Chicago winter, "a bottle house vernacular," was inspired by certain visionary and outsider artists" yvynyl

"Ethereal. I seem to kick that word around a lot when describing Emery Blagdon Saves Your Mortal Soul. As I was struggling to assemble various words and phrases to get you all interested in this beautiful track by Brendan Codey, ethereal seemed to be the only one that came to mind. Maybe the limited knowledge of the english language I contain has forced me to fall back upon this adjective so many times. Or maybe it’s just the wistful combination of Nick Drake-esque folk melody and haunting reverb-laden vocals that have led to me once again use the word ethereal to describe a track." nothing sounds better

"Sometimes, when I’m sitting at my desk, I close my eyes and imagine being in the woods, walking down a long trail in the quiet piney air.  That’d be the day dream captured here by this film shot and directed by Alee Peoples on beautiful Super 8mm in Upstate New York." yvynyl

what a lucky girl you are, diaspora...absorbiendo el espíritu ted lucas meets 'graveyard' de loren connors & kath bloom meets voices of the seven woods. nos flipa mil, y más con los vídeos de alee peoples. mil veces sí :)