microphones in the trees: chrome wings/ladyshapes

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

chrome wings/ladyshapes

"Ladyshapes is offering up its first official release with one-half of a split cassette with Chrome Wings. recorded last May, one might infer that "Winch" was significantly informed by lysergics or narcotics, but if I had to guess, I'd assume this was recorded without the influence of such mind-altering agents. sounding extraordinarily lucid and mindful of each other, Ladyshapes core of John Rau, Cassidy Kane, and John Frank improvise with a multitude of fragile elements, frozen, tremoloed guitars, textural percussive scrapes, and drones~and pace them impeccably, resulting in the kind of candid ambience best suited for drawing warm bath water to. also note a special appearance from Eternal Tapestry drummer Jed Bindeman filling out the track with auxiliary percussion.

Jon Jurow and Shance McDonell's Chrome Wings follow up last year's New Lands with a considerably evolved side, showcasing their growing affinity for deep sea dub and loop-based drones. graspable layers of yeasty ambience wax and wane like cluttered tides, revealing air-dried guitars and pitch-bent keys splashing mildly through shallow snare rappings. It's hazy, late-night stuff; an appropriate contrast to Ladyshapes' comparatively spare and lucent offering." end hits


sean said...

don't forget about braden j mckenna on auxiliary percussion for the lady shapes jamm

ana said...

hi sean! besides 'goon the doom star' (aka Let The Sweets Be Filled? :)) is my favourite song of the split