microphones in the trees: brett naucke / bil vermette

Sunday, September 09, 2012

brett naucke / bil vermette

"In an instant Presence wells around you. Naucke (Face Worker, Catholic Tapes) moves deftly through this suite of ambient works, filling the stereo field with dense timbral structures, transcending placid drift through a series of oblique compositional transforms. Resounding polyphony gathers and crests, interrupted by radiophonic counterpoint, reforming, and finally resolving into an alive, dynamic stillness."

"In the late 70s Bil Vermette set out to harness new synth technology and the evolving vocabulary of electronic music to realize his own internal music. Selected from a collection of rediscovered recordings, “Archives I” brings light to the early environments and motifs that would reappear in his private-press LP “Katha Visions” and later self-released works. Through these quiet, late night home studio reflections and short themes for film, join Bil on his long trail to Katha"

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pequeñas leyendas reactivadas, como JD Emmanuel, Iasos o Vil Bermette, gracias a pequeños grandes sellos como Rotifer, Sonic Meditations, Sun Ark y Field Studies, definitivamente otro minúsculo sello repleto de tesoros: Panabrite, Quicksails, Floating Gardens, Lunar Miasma, Golden Donna..., buscando música más allá del silencio, en cualquier lugar. "this is beyond wonderful". gracias, eric

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