microphones in the trees: up is a nice place to be

Friday, September 28, 2012

up is a nice place to be

01. the drive ~ jed kurzel
02. xochitl ~ dvvllxns (jon porras)
03. carried by sea ~ pentros
04. revella ~ spires that in the sunset rise
05. future nostalgia ~ former selves
06. painted figures ~ je suis le petit chevalier
07. one for lee ~ valerio cosi
08. a boat ~ x.y.r.
09. jane ~ sam rosenthal
10. baia ~ dick schory's new percussion ensemble
11. barney's world ~ unidiscus (norm chambers)
12. water music bourrée (handel) ~ wendy carlos
13. wässer ~ inoyama land
14arabesque no.1 ~ isao tomita
15. natalie barney's salon ~ julian lynch
16. her smell theme ~ vincent gallo
17. tree 7. kanuka ~ birdcatcher
18. violas ~ berlenga
19. ecstasy waterfall ~ dreamers cloth
20. untitled ~ europa rural
21. 65,000 colourz ~ mt. tjhris 
22. what'llya do what'llya say ~ michael hurley
23. easy rider ~ chris sikelianos
24. no lord is free ~ hiss golden messenger
25. fallin' in love ~ american spring

01. bed time ~ young man
      boy (frenchkiss, 2009)
02. néctar ~ miaux
      étude des têtus (taped sounds, 2012)
03. the last living legend ~ orphan fairytale
      comets comes alive (blackest rainbow, 2012)
04. from a harmonic algorithm ~ laurie spiegel
      unseen worlds (scarlet~infinite series, 1991)
05. kuoleman tappajan kuolema ~ lau nau
      valohiukkanen (fonal, 2012)
06. from sterling to snow ~ ricardo donoso
      assimilating the shadow (digitalis, 2012)
07. beached ~ lee noble
      persona (bridgetown, 2011)
08. celestial gaze ~ raajmahal
      unreleased track (kelippah, 2012)
09. untitled a4 ~ euglossine
      floridian abstract (housecraft, 2012)
10. jungle apparition ~ komodo haunts
      atoll phantasm, split with hobo cubes (hooker vision, 2012)
11. amnesia and comets ~ aloonaluna
      va ~ goldrush II, companion tape (goldrush, 2012)
12. you are the sun ~ inez lightfoot
      three weaving at the well (biological radio, 2012)
13. spacepony ~ bil vermette
      archives I (field studies, 2012)
14. aquasun no.5 ~ paul lemel & eric marving
      aquasun (sylvester music company, 1974)
15. together again ~ gary sloan and clone
      harmonitalk (finders keepers, 1980~2012)
16. front porch rumbling ~ gonzález & steenkiste
      stuffed with the down of the eider (eiderdown, 2012)
17. untitled V ~ poor farm
      drifts along weakley hollow (poor farm editions press, 2012)
18. the hunters ~ john marshall
      unknown, maybe from the documentary 'the hunters'
19. for you ~ jeffrey cain
      for you (raccoon, 1970)
20. faretheewell (fred's tune) ~ fred neil
      fred neil (cap., 1966)
21. main theme ~ bernard herrmann
      taxi driver o.s.t (arista, 1976)
22. chimera ~ pierrot lunaire
      exercise in futility (semata, 2012)
23. morning ~ langsyne
      langsyne (garden of delights, reissue 2012)
24. merry go round ~ j.d. emmanuel
      sound paintings (rain forest music, 1980)
25. tangi tahiti ~ webley edwards
      hawaii calls: exotic instruments vol IV (cap., 1961)
26. constantly collapsing paradise ~ zonotope
      cruising through the hypersphere of resonance (2010)
27. my birthday on iscandar ~ 400 lonely things
      iscandarian sunset~split with transmuteo (rotifer, 2012)
28. cnidarian sunset ~ transmuteo
      iscandarian sunset~split with 400 lonely things (rotifer, 2012)
29. paradise found ~ martin denny
      quiet village (liberty, 1959)
30. lady (fallin' in love) ~ d. wilson
      unreleased album landlocked (cap., 1972)

fotos: lauren wisnewski & casey bunæn


m said...

i haven't had a chance to listen to this yet but thank you.. the tracklist alone looks amazing

Anonymous said...

could you re-up vol 2? vol 1 is so amazing!

ana said...

thanks! new link is up

Little.Plastic.Raleigh said...

Thanks! Made my night!!

Anonymous said...

Second link is dead. :/

ana said...

try again anonymous, it works fine for me

Anonymous said...

Please, can you re-upload the second link?

Thanks a lot.


ana said...

it's weird because second link still works fine, at least in my computer

Unknown said...

Can you please re upload the part 2 again, a little late but well! if possible , thanks!

ana said...

hi jan, i don't know what's happening with this link, i re uploaded it twice and it seems that works fine. right now if i click on it i can download it without problem...try again.

¿a alguien más le pasa o sólo yo puedo bajarlo? help :)

rafa said...

no deje bajarlo, sale mensaje rollo "mediafire no permite la descarga por ser propiedad protegida por copyright"

ana said...


jan, you can try now, i uploaded it again in zippyshare (click in the same link)
later i'll add another link to mediafire

Debbie Wayne said...

Zippyshare is dead too :(
Thanks for the first volume <3

ana said...

thanks debbie! you can try now (both parts in a single download)

Debbie Wayne said...

Thanks a lot! :)