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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

lunar miasma

"Grecian synth lord Panos Alexiadis has been releasing music steadily as Lunar Miasma over the past three years, ratcheting up the intensity significantly with each new missive. Managing the Dream is certainly no exception in that regard, diving deep into a world of lucid dreams and nighttime hallucinations. There's a real narrative feel to the release, consisting of two dense, long-form pieces in the middle and two short but sweet pieces at each end. Showcasing his impressive abilities as a player, Alexiadis unleashes rapid-fire keyboard solos that dance atop gorgeous melodic loops which sound as though they were imported from another realm. The dream is under your control and the possibilities are endless...what will you do next?" tranquility tapes

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"gorgeous ambient synth music that floats and progresses in a uniquely melodic and spacious manner. for that reason, Panos Alexiadis has a truly distinct voice, and his numerous releases always arrive to high expectations. his latest album is another example of why few artists can compete with Alexiadis. four pieces of haunting glacial beauty unfold over two sides, reverberating and melting into one another, while False Memories builds into a truly magical work of art." zen effects

"Lunar Miasma from Greece is handing over three pieces of lush synthesizer meditations. Berlin-School-Style? Of course,… but: despite the now wide spread love for mid-seventies-adventures-in-modular-music „Impermanent Nature“ goes beyond the style of its ancestors. Panos Alexiadis effortlessly reaches out into stellar and colorful sonic worlds unmapped and the recorded music on „Impermanent Nature“ is in contrast to its title a constant source of energy. we don’t know how Panos does the trick, but listening over and over we’ve been flabbergasted. deep shit, no kidding" sicsic tapes

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