microphones in the trees: naps / electric sea spider

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

naps / electric sea spider

"sun drenched and submerged beats span coral seas and tropical jungles. a translation of the natural world through mesmeric and subsuming rhythms. washed out harmonies, incessantly reshaping in form, forever in motion, not confined to a limited space" naps

'melbourne’s naps, has created his own ecosystem of music. his infinitely stretching palette of samples and drums sound like nothing if not organic. 'fauna' deals with south american rain forest vibes, using clear pan flute above gushing sounds and erratic tom drums. eventually a distinguishable rhythm is heard with the aid of a deliciously soft and rubbery kick drum.' ~ portals

"fauna, a bonus track exclusive to the physical release, is something special. the three minute track is a muffled, atmospheric journey. the highlight of the track, besides its ambient tractorbeam-like nature, is these trailing woodwinds drifting far off in the background. catch the wave, bruh." marinate

foto: elliot michael fairhurst

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