microphones in the trees: brian green / shades of waves

Monday, March 11, 2013

brian green / shades of waves

I-II ~ "This limited edition cassette is printed on recycled sheets of cardboard. The audio for this release was created during two sessions involving singing bowls we did via phone/computer to turn out both pieces I and II which were merged together for this tape."

III ~ "This is the second Shades Of Waves tape, This tape was written and created over the iphone using Facetime, It is a c20 tape which features a 10 minute piece which plays on both sides. The tape art is printed on Vellum and if you look at the photo above there is a photo showing what the tape looks like when held into sunlight."

IV ~ "In the second week of Jun Mitchell took a two week trip to LA and Portland and along his adventures he recorded some videos of some sounds using his Iphone for us to process. In this video you have a chance to hear the sounds and what is done with them."

listen/free download I-II ~ III ~ IV

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