microphones in the trees: mort garson

Sunday, March 17, 2013

mort garson

"Warm earth music for plants...
and the people who love them."

"The overall feel of this Mort Garson's album is playful, with psychedelic Moog melodies sprinkled over swinging drum machines and basslines. Basically, the exact kind of stuff you want at your next sci-fi cocktail party, not at your weekly home gardeners meeting. The album was given out free with the purchase of a Simmon’s mattress at Sears in 1976, and as a bonus, came with extensive instructions on plant care. " James Pants

“It has been proven beyond any doubt that harmonic waves affect the growth, flowering and seed yield of plants.” ~ Dr. T.C. Singh, Department of Botany, Annamalai University (India)


mersenne_twister said...

all of mort garson's back catalogue is amazing, but this one is a special.. lovely album for calm home listening

ana said...

indeed a beauty.