microphones in the trees: niao

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


"Niao consists of vocalist, sampler, and synth composer George Glikerdas and percussionist Gordon Spencer Blaetz. Niao's 2009 debut album titled Clenched Fist had simple yet powerful technique using minimalist, poly-rhythmic sensibilities while simultaneously producing uniquely "possessive, meditative, spiritual" elements. Prayer features material from 2010 in a similar, yet more condensed set-up. With Prayer, Niao created a tighter, more upbeat, groovier and trance-inducing sound than on Clenched Fis, while also maintaining its more meditative moments.

Influenced by spiritual music traditions around the world, the sounds produced within Prayer are a transnational fusion and experimentation creating a sound that is refreshing, re-imagining traditional notions of sense of place and identity formation. Throughout Prayer the songs are based around a repetitive sample, sound or rhythm, within which the melodies are written. The minimalist quality is inherent to the meditative element that each song produces." sailing

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