microphones in the trees: lieven moana

Thursday, March 14, 2013

lieven moana

"computer music b/w electronic music. two side long sonatas. these two compositions sound vaguely like the next cassette in this list, yet unlike "Two Colours... " , this release is truly composed and more sparsely excecuted. i've studied for years, for years.... (ah ah ah) the a side is a midi tracking of the life under the Umbrella Pine the b side is a personal tracking of the sensual movements of The Island in classical music. this is the first official release under my own name. (c.q. Dolphins Into The Future 2007 - 2012)"

"fieldrecordings and writings from the Gulf Stream. i little study on observational writing and impressionistic field recording, an evocation of both the sunset and the sunrise in this glorious Stream Of Consciousness. sounds of rain, waves touching the harbor quay, many birds, farmers in their trucks, the surf, winds, branches, breakers, dew, chanticleers, dogs, crickets, etc. counterpointed w/ writings about all these and much more." lieven moana

"so here it is. a final salute to ur days of love and research on the Açores archipelago. a final collection of text and sound, collected at our then temporary homes. the Isles of Pico and Flores. these sounds are compiled and mixed as being sounds you would hear in a (day) dream. by means that every extant detail is amplified, enlarged. and all the lenghts are altered for the internal dream logic. as being the listener through the looking glass. these sounds are definitly not meant as being the collected participants in a contest. a contest of recordings the most weirdest, strangest sound in nature. i leave this game upto the more materialistic either luxurious minds in field recordings. "to each one his own zone", as Spence Clark would put it." lieven moana

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