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Sunday, March 10, 2013

craig kupka

"California crystal shop jazz abstractions for modern dance. Craig Kupka has a cult following in the states, not so sure about Europe or elsewhere. He should have a wider one. Kupka was a fixture in the Los Angeles dance scene in the 70s, and this LP was intended for dance and movement instruction at schools, including Cal State LA where he taught. Ggreat healing percussion/keyboard blissout music for the hectic holiday season. Surrender yourself to the new age." toys and techniques

A1. Electric Piano, Vibraphone, Percussion And Rain
A2. Prepared Piano, Marimba, Triangle And Cymbals
B1. Acoustic Piano, Bess, Bass And Drums
B2. Percussion
circularly square configurations, music for wood percussion, journey for two by two.

¿os acordáis de cults percussion ensemble? hay discos que están tocados por una varita mágica, discos especiales y esenciales que sobrevuelan cualquier connotación meramente musical y de un encanto que no se puede explicar. que no nos falte nunca norm chambers ni toys and techniques ni tantos otros para seguir rescatando viejos vinilos perdidos en el tiempo.

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además de este vinilo, Craig Krupa tiene otros dos igual de imprescindibles: clouds y crystals. vibráfonos, cristalitos afinados, campanillas de viento, piano, celesta, bajo con arco, sintetizadores modulares, trombón, alguna guitarra acústica, algún efecto de tormenta y multitud de instrumentos eólicos. no existe una música más adecuada para un domingo por la mañana lluvioso y granizado como hoy. e inevitablemente pienso en 'crystal waves' de David Casper. vuelvo a escucharlo y no doy crédito, qué disco tan tan bonito, es como el primo lejano ambient de 'the hirend hand' de Bruce Langhorne.

"First of all, I’d just like to say that I celebrate this dude’s entire catalog. But, this may very well be my favorite. I believe I once described this to a friend as Brian Eno meets spiritual jazz. Released on Folkways in 1981 or so, this along with it’s sister album “Crystals” was intended as a soundtrack to relaxation. Seriously though, what a tripped out time it must have been when an excellent space jazz record like this was played in a nursing home near you. And I’m sure whatever radio station it was whose call letters are emblazon across the front of my copy are responsible for a good number of head on collisions caused by hypnotized commuters." waxydermy




Braden J McKenna said...

Ohhh you like Kupka! He's sooo great!

Paul said...


ana said...

really? how odd. anyway his music is the opposite :)

braden, i discovered him trought a norm chambers/panabrite recommendation and i fell in love, as with almost everything from the library music of that period...so extensive


Debbie said...

Thank You!!! Wow! Such a treat to find this here.

Fernfrequency said...

Any chance on a re-up the link doesnt work and I would love to hear this!

Fernfrequency said...

I guess you can continue to post in 2018 but cannot honor a mere request...like you bloggers do not check comments on your blogs...Right!