microphones in the trees: deep magic

Friday, June 28, 2013

deep magic

"the solo project for current Sun Araw live band member Alex Gray, Deep Magic’s work has tended towards a meditative ambient realm, crafting a cosmic sound as a sort of calm and organic grandeur that recalls Popol Vuh’. indeed like Popol Vuh, pursuit of a kind of spiritual grace has proven to be the measure at the heart of Deep Magic. Reflections of Most Forgotten Love finds a new urgency, an ever-shifting puzzle of sound breathing vital new life into Gray’s lyrical vision. dynamic and unrelenting yet somehow beautifully spacious and patient in its unfolding, this epic work thrives on equal parts pulse and poise, an essence held within a thrilling multiplicity of ideas. skittish techno, rolling pianos, warm pedal steel, foggy, dub drifts and microscopic sonics play out a hypnotic movement of moods with magnetic compulsion. throughout its stirring, blissful way, intimacy is its keynote. as the title suggests, this is an album of emotively raw presence with a singular take on solitude as a many splendoured thing." preservation

"...an ethereal ride into experimentation and meditative tones. Brighter Days sets a tone for a very cosmic album where abstraction of majestic key tones drip into liquid form over field recordings, transfixing synth and other odd sources of sound. It’s a slow evolving voyage that is minimally designed but has a wealth of sonic color pulsing in every direction and in every measure. Music this delicate yet deep in resonance and texture grabs us on first listen and puts us in a really relaxed mood." deep tapes

only you, only me

foto: lee chang ming

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