microphones in the trees: lieven martens moana

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

lieven martens moana

"Lieven Martens Moana’s first album under his birth name marks an important shift in his oeuvre. while still indebted to the universe created under his moniker Dolphins Into The Future, ‘Music From The Guardhouse’ shows the Artist reaching the shores of his mental island, fully matured. this is where a new journey begins, a musical research program within the ‘composer genre’." kraak 

"here’s an LP from the man formerly known as Dolphins Into The Future, Lieven Martens Moana, a mixture of concretey field-recorded soundscapes, tape hiss, wibbly analogue synth tomfoolery and occasional spoken commentary which seems to be from Moana himself. on the first side alone we have a lengthy passage of hiss and field recordings and sporadic piano tinkles, followed by a wibbly midi-synth passage with abstract, brightly layered synths plinking and plonking in a chaotic yet relaxing manner which brings to mind the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Vernon Elliott’s magical score from ‘The Clangers’, finishing on a field recorded beach scene with weirdly sped-up bird calls which sound totally alien. over on the other side is a single long track ‘As Falesias’, which opens with dramatic soundtracky neoclassicism before delving into plangent analogue soundscapery with a sinister edge, with lots of swelling, quavering drones and continued subtle orchestral touches which sound like they’ve been beamed in from the 1950s. It’s a weird alien nostalgic excursion which will confuse and relax you." norman records

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