microphones in the trees: caballos y entusiasmo

Saturday, May 07, 2011

caballos y entusiasmo

caballos y entusiasmo • hidropony [Self Release, 2010]

"Since recently Salvador Cresta has added an extra musician, his girlfriend. With her the ideas expanded to something more serious or perhaps not. There's more in charge than creative fire-lighting ideas of fun in kitchen, bed room or dining room. The ideas are expanded to studio-like settings, so I wonder what would happen in a few days in a real studio. Obviously there's the same amount of pleasure in the making, and all the splendour of instant invention in arrangements. Often we hear dual acoustic guitars, dual vocal overdubs harmonies, overdubs with piano like toy piano and other keyboards. New are a few “group” project additions, sounding like a full choir (the girl?), communal psych madness (an educational group turning educationally berserk during a break?), strange harmonies, gamelan with spoons on glasses and similar odd ideas, in song format mostly, here and there with an event, a story. Like every album by Salvador : very good !! They're planning a European tour and will bring their home recorded audio and video material with them." psychedelic folk

buy: salvadorcresta@yahoo.com

hidropony nace de una conexión que acerca un mar lejano a la montaña. es el resultado de un intercambio musical entre pupa y salvador cresta. provoca afinar antenitas para estar atentos al sello mariano mermaid... ansiosos esperamos "el cátalogo de 600 páginas, que podría venir adjunto a la guía telefónica de todos los países, con una copia de "La Guía de la Industria 2003" de regalo... y una biblia... y un corán" si se da el caso of course ;)


ana said...

qué 'pos' más caracolindo
centauros y centauresas!
save the wichis!
y amor seco!
y nos envolvemos en el bosque!
keep it up pleaase :)

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