microphones in the trees: mpala garoo / sunbells fenimore / kon tiki gemini

Monday, May 30, 2011

mpala garoo / sunbells fenimore / kon tiki gemini

"Mpala Garoo is Ivan from Moscow who also plays in a duo Kon Tiki Gemini and Sunbells Fenimore. Ivan plays a similar kind of summery tropical heat-haze as Ducktails." not for resale
"Music crafted for the sunny and tropical paradises of our minds. Seasonal temperament is shared via magnetic vibes; we can all exist in the same balmy and tropical headstate no matter what our physical locale may be. Pure vibrations that ebb and flow on the appeal of tidal moons." sweat lodge guru

"Ivan from Mpala Garoo also plays in Sunbells Fenimore; a project that features the same island guitar tone and pace from Mpala, but deeper oceanic;...things gets pretty turbulent in Paradising, but no less hypnotic as the chaotic crashing and fizzing carries the metaphor of the sea, blistering heat, salty spray and boiling breakers into sonic realisation, recalling the fiery return to Earth of Oneohtrix Point Never or the tranquility of Dolphins Into The Future, a lucid sky-gazing treatise on sun-soaked mystical spirituality. Go to his bandcamp for three tracks of meditational serenity." not for resale

"Pairing the side-projects of luminaries like Mpala Garoo, Magic Beach, Hobo Cubes, and Bedroom Bear, this split from Kon Tiki Gemini and Cavernes begins with a roiling hot mudbath of crackling drones and claustrophobic melodies on the a-side. The kind that cakes to your hide and doesn’t slough off until your skin does. Cavernes softens the dried glaze with a gauze of shimmering notes on the flip, then peels your face off with sheer will to expose the beautiful, porcelain bones beneath..." sweat lodge guru

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María Luisa said...

Este es uno de los mejores blogs de música para compartir que he conocido. Te sigo desde el 2007. Una variedad tan exquisita, una selección deliciosa. Aportas paz, tranquilidad, armonía a mi vida ys eguramente a la de muchos otros. Música que aligera la carga, música que relaja, música que provoca la meditación entre el tumulto. Gracias.