microphones in the trees: ethereal doom cosmonaut / bleak tails

Friday, May 06, 2011

ethereal doom cosmonaut / bleak tails

"our first release in a long time. dang. 18 minutes each from two east bay area kiddos. bleak tails is stephen, whose side is like watching 100 years pass in one day from inside of someone's mouth. ethereal doom cosmonaut is sebastian, whose side is like the sweatdrops off the back of whatever holds up the sky. edition of 50." ace of tapes

foto: via onyx earth


Anonymous said...

figured it out, 'invalid' character
(:) in file names caused Winrar to malfunction

I hex edit the (:)'s to valid chars, and voila, mp3's magigally appear

thanks for (puzzle) post, keeping the ol' brain alive

Anonymous said...

after I look at first unrar'd Tr.1 files (0 byte), I looked into the .ZIP file and data all there, thats when I notice (:) colon in filenames



Anonymous said...

just wanted to say thanks again, other comment gone, could have been removing them why it took awhile to post these earlier, I just wanted to let you know what it turned out to be, files OK just pesky invalid char in filenames. not sure if you saw these... hope you didn't think I was whinin' (much)just couldn't figure how 47 mb file had 0 b files. now I know