microphones in the trees: weyes blood

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

weyes blood

"...Weyes Blood is the work of a solitary lady, best known as Natalie Mering from Jackie-O Motherfucker. It’s a collection of downbeat torch songs predominantly backed by organ or guitar and drums, but with some mysterious clanks and screeches going on in the background too. She has quite a low voice and a sort of stoic Nico-esque delivery which I like, which combined with the slow pace of the record often lends it a kind of spiritual feel. The casual way in which she knocks out these memorable tracks and the vocal harmonies kind of bring Woods to mind in places, but this is really something entirely of its own, fragile and compelling." norman records


Anonymous said...

no se cómo será la música que ahora no la puedo escuchar pero la foto es fantasmagooooorica :-)


ana said...

raniera de mónaco, música y portada andan parejas

E.T. Gafapasta said...

enlace caído... escuchalo en: http://weyesblood.bandcamp.com/