microphones in the trees: elodie

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


"...the record opens with a layered piece of various wind instruments and as such may count as a drone piece, but other pieces are more of an open spaced improvised nature of rattling bells, small metallic sounds, Van Luijk’s curious collection of small acoustic objects and wind instruments and Chalk's watery electric guitar, along with charming field recordings...Throughout a fine record of shimmering, small melodies, rusty percussion, bird calls and a gentle mood. The perfect early spring record: open your windows, let outdoor sounds in and simply enjoy the good life." vital weekly
"...Van Luijk plays the Nick Drake to Chalk’s Joe Boyd, re-imagining “Way To Blue” as a psycho-spatial investigation of the endless hues on the way to dawn with heavenly choirs of bird song over rolling acoustic guitar that could almost be taken straight from the legendary Hawaiian 1973 acid folk masterpiece, These Trails, or even the music of Harry Partch. There are shorter tracks that feel like snippets of eternal music, sudden streams but the overall feel is wide-open, pastoral. This is folk-based drone that succeeds in joining the dots between traditional rural forms and future-visioned kosmische with a gentle, celebratory aspect that is pure Chalk..." volcanic tongue


dfbm said...

this is so beautiful and genius!

Anonymous said...

Hello guy, you can take links wherever you want , whenever, i don't care but i think it is easy to say where you find it...so,it is my rip fom the shoutbox on this blog http://akteon.blogspot.com/


ana said...

hi webern, i would understand you, really, but i use to upload my own files, and if not i always say where i found it. this in particular i uploaded it the 31/05/11....so i don't understand why you asume that.
anyway, i feel this kind of comments are a little unfair...many blogs use my rips or uploads and i'll never write to them to say anything (please excuse my english)

right now i can't remember where i found elodie, maybe in soulseek, i don't know. but if the original rip is yours, i regret it. and thank you, of course.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ana, i understand your way of thinking...i was a little excessive, the reason is that i want people to buy records, to help artists, not to steal their work, i like sharing music especially rare and fine to my ears, so i think it's a sort of gift, i didn't want to hurt you and i apologize. Your blog is great, keep on...
kind regards from France,

dfbm said...

however, I bought it after it appears here. :)

www.tapicerias.nom.es said...

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