microphones in the trees: svetlana the anthropologist • ethereal doom cosmonaut

Friday, May 27, 2011

svetlana the anthropologist • ethereal doom cosmonaut

"Svetlana The Anthropologist is Dasha Bulatova, formerly a member of Railcars. She has recently embarked upon a solo project that combines elements of folk and drone music. She seeks to use sound to show reverence to everything inside and outside, both to the blood booming through our bodies and the sky thundering overhead.
Ethereal Doom Cosmonaut is Sebastian Dionisio, formerly of Campfire fame. His music is what happens when you want to sit in the forest listening to dub and kompakt records all day but instead you have to go to the city for work and school. Some of the songs are all digital, some have guitar." steak au zoo
estratosféricos. dionisio y dasha, dasha y dionisio!


www.vizcaya-3d.com said...

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Anonymous said...

what format these files, I unrar
and mp3 files [2-20mb] are SIDE A Tr.1 & Side B Tr.1 - Tr.4 (0 bytes)

are these the _macosx mp3 index files, I tried renaming them but they still somehow show 0 bytes,