microphones in the trees: motion sickness of time travel

Thursday, June 13, 2013

motion sickness of time travel

"continuous 60 minute mix of Motion Sickness of Time Travel recordings, including 29 different excerpts from albums recorded and released between January 2009 and December 2012. physical copies are self-released in a numbered & signed edition of 13.

hand numbered and signed edition of 13 home-dubbed mix tapes includes: a hand-collaged clear-yellow C60 cassette, hand-collaged fold out J-card, housed in a norelco case with either black(5), clear(6) or white(2) backs, hand-written track list and info on notebook paper in a small booklet-style with collaged cover simple-stitched with thread on the fold, and comes in a hand-sewn black corduroy pouch with a small assortment of gem stones. each purchase comes with an immediate download of the mix." motion sickness of time travel 

edición ultra limitada de 13 copias, numeradas y firmadas, cada una con un collage diferente. incluía una bolsita de pana cosida a mano con un pequeño surtido de piedras preciosas. las cosas bonitas no tienen precio y duran un suspiro. snif.

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