microphones in the trees: deep magic

Sunday, July 10, 2011

deep magic

"Deep Magic is an ascent of vibrating dreams.  A reverence for the past.  Family as honor and narrative bliss.  Spun webs of high wet dew.  Deep Magic is archaic spirit hymns.  Healing music." goldtimers tapes

"...“Ocean Breaths 1″  by Deep Magic is one of the most aptly titled songs I’ve heard in a while. Its nine-and-a-half minute run takes us on a shoegazing journey colored by bells, shakers, and the sound of slow, deep breaths. If you’ve been running around town, and have somehow forgotten to breathe, this meditative track will remind you. The visuals, which Gray produced on his own, are the sort of ethereal psychedelic fare. We’re shown scenes of the African animals in the plains, layered over images of Ocean predators... the deep focus on nature here works perfectly for this cleansing, zen track." visitation rites

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