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Friday, July 29, 2011

wyld wyzrdz

"When I started recording as Wyld Wyzrdz I was in a much different place than I am now. The albums between 2008-2009 were made quickly and represent an exploration of sound, an era of figuring things out. In late 2009 my life began to shift rather drastically, and by early 2010 I was a new human. As a result the world of the wizard evolved with me. My intention for making these recordings changed and Wyld Wyzrdz became more of a reflective practice, a space for sharing my inner journey. The beginnings of these changes can be heard with the Antelope Island 7” and Positive Texture c45, while Free Magick is the full embodiment of my newness. After further exploration with From a Stone and Acceptance I found myself at a place of peace with Wyld Wyzrdz and a feeling of letting go has come to me. After these albums are released I will continue my journey as Coyote Dreamer." braden j mckenna

"...all of McKenna's work reflects the quiet passion and sincerity that can easily be overlooked by his enigmatic creative process. It doesn't matter how the music was made. Wyld Wyzrdz and all of the other channels McKenna inhabits exhibit experimentalism and artistic expression in a very digestible form. Relax, meditate, cleanse your nostrils..." inyourspeakers

me gusta su expresión de absoluta felicidad. gracias, braden

owl photo: ramona flume

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