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Monday, July 18, 2011

hear hums

"droned beginnings that soon become percussion led behind an organic setting filled with acoustics of every timbre, as Mitch’s ‘ohs’ & ‘ahs’ accentuate all around nature samples that seem to soak in and add a bit of a wilder Florida environment to it all.

Gainesville duo, Hear Hums, is about as atmosphere-driven as a project gets. I was lucky enough to be able to first come across these two at a show and experience the ethereal nature of their experimental work live. Now, Mitch Myers and Kenzie Cooke, the two behind Hear Hums, have prepared a wonderful third album, Opens, to follow the previous Psyche Cycles. After, several listens of the release, I can easily say it’s their most encompassing release of the three.

Though, the only track available on the internet right now is “Shrines”, but take it as a sampler of good things to come from the rest of Opens." awd castles

cualquier canción que me recuerde un poquito, o un mucho, a stag hare se convierte automáticamente en favorita

foto: hui

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