microphones in the trees: james ferraro

Sunday, July 17, 2011

james ferraro

"...Marble Surf is simply the most endlessly beautiful thing I've ever heard. In a post-post-Eno way, James Ferraro composed a slow-motion, ocean-sized waterfall of washed-out angelic choruses, watery steel drums, and dreamy synths that repeat the same basic structure for forty minutes (there are two tracks, but they're essentially the same piece of music)...

...It's a cloud-floating heroin-basted rimjob from jesus in a Terry Reilly calypso dream. It's J.S. Bach for the polaroid-transfer, new-age tapes set. It's weightless and epic and magnificent and ecstatic and transcendent all at once, and it's the best fucking thing I've ever heard." victorian squid

...a los nombres de brian eno, j.s. bach y terry reilly tan sólo añadiría uno más: julianna barwick. y algún pasaje de birthday of bless you de inca ore, aunque marble surf sea infinitamente más sobrecogedor 

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