microphones in the trees: michael james tapscott

Thursday, July 07, 2011

michael james tapscott

"if i could only be serenaded by one person for the rest of my days, i'd choose michael tapscott in a heartbeat. the odawas vocalist's talent is something to die for. that voice... cannot be beat. but what tapscott brings on his debut solo release under his own name is far more than just that voice. this is the soundtrack to the short film of the same name by neil blakemore and follows in the ocean-drift steps of the last odawas record, "the blue depths." melodic synthesizer passages float lightly on simple, seductive drum machine beats and acoustic guitar lines. erratic, almost-harsh electronica even makes an appearance as tapscott uses all his tricks to crystalize the theme of the film. every turn finds a new path, all of which lead back to the central precipice.

"sunny california" is a place rife with beauty and sadness and as tapscott as our guide, we're bound to find something to treasure" digitalis
foto: tululumu