microphones in the trees: stag hare

Monday, July 25, 2011

stag hare

"Strange crossroad towns on top of the world rolled by, with shawled Indians watching us from under hatbrims and rebozos. All had their hands outstretched. They had come down from the backmountains and higher places to hold forth their hands for something they thought civilization could offer and they never dreamed the sadness and the poor broken delusion of it. " J. Kerouac
"Following her very noteworthy first album (Black Medecine Music, 2008), Stag Hare has joined us at the dawn of her second opus, Spirit Canoes. 4 titles make up 40 minutes of folk, drone, psyche played in a slow motion by this barefoot uninhibited free-spirit..." hands in the dark

"stag hare was raised mostly by wolves in the northern woods many hundreds of years ago, she has been traveling the path for many of the years since with frequent and extended stops along the way for food and tea. her favorite color is purple. she enjoys lavender, dancing, and decadent celebratory feasts. as the princess of her forest you may find her patrolling amongst the chattering ferns or perhaps sleeping away lifetimes lost in a mossy dream."

"Stag Hare seemingly lives that bohemian way on her own quest for truth (follow his beautiful travelin’ photos on Tumblr) and writes the soundtrack from her barefoot heart, a true traveling troubadour.  Get this among four songs on cd or wait for it on vinyl from Inner Islands in August." yvynyl

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borxes said...

Can you do it again at mediafire?

Anonymous said...

link is down. any new one please

ana said...

ey borxes and anonymous, just these two beautiful songs at the moment. it's officially released on Inner Islands while Hands in the Dark is doing a limited run CD of 50