microphones in the trees: gkfoes vjgoaf

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

gkfoes vjgoaf

"This album is a reflection of my new-found intimacy with the water on our planet and within us. Previously I never felt a deep connection with water. I had a fear of drowning as a child. And I never really resonated with the color blue. All of this pretty much changed after Rosa and I moved rooms in a cooperative house. Our new room had only light blue, teal-ish walls. I thought I wanted to repaint at first, but after living in there a couple days it really grew on me. A lot of new songs and textures came out of living in that room. Very soon after, though, we traveled to New Zealand to do Wwoofing. New Zealand is one of the wettest countries and is home to the second wettest landscape (Fiordland) on Earth.
I worked on the rest of the album there and I very consciously felt like I’d never been so in love with the water. I swam in the ocean naked, after not having swum at all for years. I even got a blue hat to work in. My body is mostly water. It is pretty much the essence of thriving life on this planet. I also started thinking about how water works and moves. It is always moving, if it can… effortlessly though. It has no aversion. And it has no point of arrival. For me the songs on this record all resonate with particular forms that water takes. And, of course, whatever you perceive is equally valid. That’s where I’m coming from." sean conrad

suenan teclados y se intuyen, lejanos, efectos de murmullos y agua. es 'wholeyness', un nuevo viaje de sean conrad aka gkfoes vjgoaf, la inspiración infinita


adrián said...

como estoy disfrutando estos días con gkfoes vjgoaf, herrta lussu ässä, stag here, james ferraro... menudo ritmo ana :))

por cierts, no tendrás 'avorio' de cannibal movie (donato epiro) no doy con el disquito.

ana said...

de momento nopes. cannival movie, mangiati vivi! qué maravilla :)