microphones in the trees: annapurna illusion

Thursday, January 05, 2012

annapurna illusion

"...The music on Life Is An Illusion is gigantic and all-encompassing, conjuring up images of towering mountains, lost gods and swirling cosmos. At the same time, he elegantly suffuses his insistent and open-ended drones with touches of industrial noise and saturation that in less capable hands would seem out of place or clumsy. As such, Life Is An Illusion is one of the most accomplished synth drone albums released this last decade, and a welcome addition to the great kosmische canon." the liminal

"Annapurna Illusion, from France, is the evil twin of Not Not Fun's High Wolf. 'Life Is An Illusion' is scattered with fizzing electric guitars and ambient raga's which unfurl with the might of a psychedelic blizzard, fogging the sponges of the brain and eyeballs with a wash of hallucinations where Ash Ra Temple jam for hours on end with Loop. Tropical repetitive rhythms drone and drift, guided by a swarm of breezy effects and celestial layered synths that engulf the base of the mountain in hypnotic swirls of colourful head spinning rituals before zipping airborne to glide in a state of tranced euphoria." clearspot

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Can you please reup part 1 ?


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pretty please

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with sugar (cane juice) on top