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Monday, January 23, 2012

dolphins into the future

"Canto Arquipélago" is an audio poem for the Açores. It being an elogio for this (and others) beautiful and metaphorical volcanic archipelagos. The album is a coherent scrapbook collection of on site fieldrecordings and automatically written cantatas. Recorded at our temporary studios in a small fishermen town, São João, on the island of Pico.
Ilha Do Pico is a small isle in the central group of the Açores archipelago. Where we lived for a few months, in the aforementioned friendly village, closed in by the Atlantic ocean and the bush. On the flank of one of Europe’s highest volcanic mountains, Pico. The haze, the extreme beauty, the energy and the dramatics of a sleepy wild place on the Mid Atlantic volcanic ridges, is felt in every hiss and sound. The rhythm of the archipelago, as being my guide." lieven moana (dolphins into the future)

"There is something phenomenally enticing about a sequestered island chain, literally bounded by a vast and enveloping sea. Perhaps it’s the romance of discovery, the knowledge that here lies the safety of land within the great seclusion of nature. Perhaps it’s the raw beauty that is simply emerald speckled turquoise.
Lieven Moana as Dolphins Into The Future dedicates his latest effort to the Azores, a remarkably beautiful volcanic archipelago that lacks very little by way of inspiration. The ambient conjurer weaves glorious tones and minimal percussion with brilliant and evocative field recording, having spent several weeks on the island cluster for this body of work. “Once an island gets born,” Lieven articulates, “it’s a continuous struggle, a continuous dialogue, a learning, a battle and cooperation of influences. The sea starts bashing on it’s shores. Erosion starts the complete demolition of the island. But at the same time, sun and sea give birth and food… Archipelagos have a heavy rhythm.”  underwater people

un fin de semana especialmente idílico y bonito gracias a la relajante discografía de dolphins into the future. el belga lieven martens, ese ser marino (he is actually a dolphin), de entrañable bigote, enamorado del agua y los cetáceos, también conocido como lieven moana, duncan cameron, o l.r.j martens (no olvidar a horseback ride to the sanctum of montu ni el exótico viaje con ada van hoorbeke) nos deleita con un poema musical dedicado a las islas ozores  y grabado en la Ilha do Pico. cantos de pájaros tropicales, evocadores kikirikís de gallos vespertinos, palos de agua, delfines, ballenas, burbujas, murmullos de agua, xilófonos, grillos, ¿azores?..."My music is a landscape. A ku'ono for your mind to hike in. For the exploration of a personal jungle. For the atonement of a world out there, above there, in there. A spring of harmonies. A bay of sound. A natural and abstract composition, rooted in romance and subconsciousness."

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