microphones in the trees: reedbeds

Sunday, January 15, 2012


"Another soother from Californian, Carter Mullin. Beautifully tonal guitar breezes' loop your way into hibernation."

"...being an untrained and inexperienced guitar player, i’m often shaky and weary of stumbling upon sour notes and accidents like that. I avoid writing ideas down or memorizing them because they’re bound to either sound completely different or fall apart on record. Finding time to record is impulsive, and rarely am i comfortable, though relieved and fulfilled afterward. I’m a morning person, but only so if outside is looking dreary or it’s from around 4-6 am. Otherwise, the spirit of containment and warmth no longer appears within reach. If all goes my way, Reedbeds captures the essence of solitude, swigging coffee, and languor." carter mullin

scan: petercat.harris

(thanks to the radiant now for the rip and the upload)

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Anonymous said...

i'm just on the late side of carter's preferred time frame, but it's dark, the heater is on, the coffee is good, and i'm enjoying the lanky jams. thanks, all.