microphones in the trees: god damn, i hate the blues

Thursday, January 12, 2012

god damn, i hate the blues

"Fourth installment in our split 7” series, God Damn I Hate the Blues, presents splendid new work from Amen Dunes, Marisa Anderson, Ignatz, Nathan Bowles, Warm Climate and Bridget Hayden.
Damon McMahon comes up with a brilliant interpretation of an old Ethiopique traditional, blending his typical Amen Dunes style with a far-out etnic melody. Marisa Anderson’s contribution ‘Heat Lap’ is a rough and moving delta styled improvisation on lap steel. Our hero Ignatz keeps on surprizing. After his fourth album he started to focus on country music. ‘She Gets All She Wants’ is the result, one of his most melodic workouts to date. Also Bridget Hayden presents a new side of her work. No drilling drone-riffs here but a hazey folk song, putting the Robert Burns poem ‘Aye Fond Kiss’ to music, with her guitar and voice drenched in reverb. Nathan Bowles is one of the three Black Twig Pickers. He dreams about Alabama girls alot. Classic style banjo core. Warm Climate is Seth Kasselman and his band. ‘Tourmaline Witches’ appeared on the ‘Pigeon Brides Weigh In’ cassette on Stunned Records. Seth jams like Bobb Trimble on acid, or Marc Bolan on ketamine..." kraak

vaqueros, llanuras y montañas, folk, country y blues, radios mal sintonizadas, voces con eco, etiopía vs oklahoma soul, un clima tropical y polvoriento que lo envuelve todo, y esa canción perfecta y definitiva de músicos que ya me gustaban y otros que me gustaban menos pero ahora me encantan porque por fin suenan a lo que siempre había deseado... 'she gets all she wants', 'ethio song' y 'aye fond kiss' en bucle


bampi a la mar said...

ponita, debo decirte que andas con todo... yeahlas!

Anonymous said...

me gusta esta música polvorienta :-)