microphones in the trees: michael tanner & sharron kraus

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

michael tanner & sharron kraus

"As the title of their joint album suggest, this lp was recorded in the Rheidol Valley in Wales. Sharron and Michael took some instruments with them, went for a long walkin the valley, and did some recordings there. This results in a mix of improvisations, songs with a folk structure and some field recordings. The album has a very organic feel to it from start to finish." morc

"Michael and I have just released an album of field recordings  and improvisations we made here in Wales, in the valley behind my home. We sat by waterfalls and in fields with sheep in and played what we felt like playing. We ended up with about an hour of material, which Michael edited into In The Rheidol Valley." sharron kraus

"...a field recording can suggest very obvious geography, a sense of place in the world – a history, even – just with the merest of sounds; a fact which never fails to blow me away." michael tanner (plinth)
dibujo: seth neefus

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