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Monday, January 09, 2012

lightning strike lightning

"L’animaux Tryst has put out a total of 3 releases by Lightning Strike Lightning. All three of these have been huge favorites here. The newest of which was put out recently in an edition of 33, now sold out at the label. Each copy includes a unique poloroid with hand-written tracklisting on it’s backside, all housed in a fabric sleeve. More great banjo/drum/vocal drone goodness with tasteful additions of electric guitars, a great follow up to “Turn Myself Into The Ocean”." broadcasts from poor farm

"...moments of breathless spectral visitation bloom alongside forest-folk recitations, bell loops drawn out to time-bending drone, heavy dirge remembrance, and general free-form folkery. While the murk of of the previous recordings has been dialed back a bit on Creepy Power, the gossamer echo chamber that remains—combined with the slightly-higher-fidelit—makes for a smoother ride and headier drift; this is one to get lost in. Special One-Time-Only Art Edition: Clear cassettes with in-house screen-printed labels, held in a case with double-sided reversible pro-printed j-card, each with a one-of-a-kind Land camera photograph taken by band member Sean Turley with tracklisting handwritten on back, held in a sewn fabric sleeve. Limited to 33." l'animaux tryst field recordings

sold out | free download 
(this is a gift from the beautiful broadcasts from poor farm)

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