microphones in the trees: michael james tapscott with andrew kenower

Thursday, January 12, 2012

michael james tapscott with andrew kenower

"Michael James Tapscott is one half of internationally acclaimed fringe folk darlings, Odawas, but also an entire universe unto himself, and here it is his new solo record with field recordings by Andrew Kenower incorporated.
Taking psychotropic paths through forgotten exotic literature, extrapolating mysticism from the shag-toothed street peddlers, his is a world of wonder that seethes just below the surface of yer perspective skull jellies. Stitched together from an electric eclectic sonic palette where synthesizers sigh next to the jingle-jangle buzz of 12 steel strings and the plitter-patter purr of cybernetic drum circles.

And here is Michael, eyes wild and green, with his hand outstretched, some secret curling across his lips as they part, and he asks, "Would you to take a journey, old friend?" Assuming you didn't throw up, then hope that's ok. Be excited about where we can go together, regardless of where we might be." bookmaker


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