microphones in the trees: the a. lords

Friday, March 23, 2012

the a. lords

"recorded over then summers between 2000 and 2010, this eponymous lp is the definitive work by The A. Lords, the duo consisting of Michael Tanner and Nicholas Palmer. a lovely five-track ep already appeared in 2006 on the now defunct Barl Fire imprint, and four tracks off that release also made it to this lp, some with new names. six new tracks have been added to fill out the album with more wonderful pastoral folk meanderings.

this is gorgeous music that practically breathes the outdoors, the sunshine, and the Dorset landscape in which it was recorded. a wide variety of acoustic instruments gives each track on the album a unique palette, with many opting for sweet drifting melodies accented with staccato glockenspiel or dulcimer notes, besides the more familiar guitar sound, but also gentle organ drones, bells, toy piano, and the ever-present natural background sounds. a perfect companion to a day in the sun, whether it’s in summer, or a day like we’re having now: a crisp and clear October morning where the sun’s warmth is all the more welcome. calm freefolk at its best." evening of light

"cuando quiero oir música, abro la ventana"
foto: emily harriet


mar said...

solo pienso en la palabra: evocar

... me es difícil elegir una, pero justo ahora sería 'hopkin's lament' o 'things near and far' o ¿todas las anteriores? ... es como irse a un día de campo con arbore y end springs ^.^

directo a favorindos reales*

ana said...

clavado, como irse a un día de campo con árbore y end springs. you know :)

otro favorindo real es el de rambling boys, waiting for the train es una droga. lyres en finlandia!

rafa said...

es tremendo el de rambling boys, es como irse en la furgo de breaking bad por el mojave

ana said...

lyres, breaking bad, mojave, peter green...por asociaciones que no sea :)