microphones in the trees: former selves

Monday, March 26, 2012

former selves

"following a recent string of cassettes and dvds, california audio/video artist Paul Skomsvold delivers the goods with some of his finest work to date. meditative synth compositions for total relaxation and contemplation." hooker vision

"Many Moons is another example for Former Selves’s impressing comprehension of the correlation of our visual and aural senses. made with a technique called “video feedback”, the muffled, warm synth meanderings blend smoothly into the faintly psychedelic frames that are almost exclusively held in soothing pastel shades. truly mesmerizing." no fear of pop

la preciosa portada diseñada por grant y rachel evans lo dice todo. sé que la lista es inmensa y que hay muchos discos mejores del año pero ahora mismo los primeros acordes de 'earth rotation/terranova' son, junto 'otavaiset otsakkaha' de nuojuva, también en hooker vision (sello favorindo junto a inner islands, cabin floor esoterica y l'animaux tryst) lo más bonito y emocionante del mundo. o ese tramo que empieza a partir del minuto ocho, capas y burbujas de sintetizadores que invitan a cerrar los ojos y viajar flotando hasta la luna


Crystal Rat said...

thanks a lot Ana!

rafa said...

floating que te floating

Paul said...

Thanks for the post!!

In addition to Experimedia, copies are also available at Infinite Limits and Discriminate Music.

Other releases are available from Bridgetown Records and Goldtimers.