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Saturday, March 24, 2012

jüppala kääpiö

"most of us are living in an urban world, dominated by constant noise and contagious stress. our ears are conditioned by this aggressive environment and have often lost the ability to perceive another discreet world surrounding us. it might be hidden but also swarming, vivid and incredibly musical. we are all able to prick up our ears to some birds chattering together, the wind shaking leaves, toads singing serenades or old spirits telling us their immemorial adventures…since its creation in 2006, Jüppala Kääpiö has tried to substantiate what they were hearing and feeling from animals, plants or even minerals that they met in their living places in different countries and during travels in different continents.

“Animalia Corolla” is a record of feasts of spirits gathered from the whole world. their songs, dances and conversations about the synchronicity of their dreams have been transcribed in this album.

Jüppala Kääpiö is a Swiss and a Japanese duo. they settled in Brussels in Belgium in summer 2011 after staying in Switzerland , Canada, Mongolia and Japan. the life in multicultural/lingual situations naturally gave to their music a style which might be called cosmopolitan folklore music." omnimemento

dibujo: hadley hutton | foto: sabrina e

green recordings, suiza y japón goes to finland. húmedo, silvestre y brumoso como los bosques que le inspiran. repleto de pequeños detalles, bucles y espirales. imposible resistirse al hechizo de yôkoso, hay algo en ella, con todos esos sonidos de búhos y pájaros, grillos, flautas y plantas, tambores, kalimbas y voces, que te obliga a escucharla una y otra vez, cálida hasta el infinito

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Thanks, I love every single release of them!

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