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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


"Norm Chambers is not a household name to most people but for those who have been reveling in the monster that is Panabrite for the last few years, he is absolutely adored. Some will be quick to chalk Soft Terminal up as another 'synth record,' but that's just the surface dressing. There is something deeper and much more complex happening here. Vivid, liquid dreams are sculpted into intricate fantasy landscapes, each layer revealing what a wizard Chambers is.

The thing with Panabrite is that he has an innate ability to write richly textured, melodic compositions that have as much in common with vintage electronic library music as they do with minimal synth pop and 70s prog." digitalis

Sonic natural wonders created by Norman Chambers utilizing analog synthesis, vintage drum machines, various effects and occasional guitar. Inspired by science fiction, new age music, soundtracks and library production music, nature/science documentaries, and vintage electronic sounds...an exciting record replete with underwater tunes. The outer space & the deep blue sea collide into two sides of spellbinding adventures reminiscent to the early work of Oneohtrix Point Never, Jürgen Müller and Dolphins Into The Future.

Panabrite works in the hazy, analog-synth-laden zone between kosmische drift and new age waft. He launches beatless symphonies of fibrillating, smeared whorls and drones that make you feel like the star of a weird nature documentary or a sci-fi blockbuster from 1977. Chambers excels at evoking both the intimate and the epic with his scrupulously wrought arpeggios and ostinatos." aguirre
pastoral, tropical, acuático, relajante, espacial,...panabrite into the future

foto de soft terminal: beata wilczek

pastoral, espacial, tropical, acuático, relajante, jurgen müller, j.d. emmanuel...panabrite into the future


rafa said...

panabrite es cosa seria muy

dani said...

me encanta. gracias!

dani said...

es más: vaya descubrimiento. esta es la música que de pequeño me hacía soñar.

ana said...

el mejor de los piropos :)

Two-Step Records said...
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Two-Step Records said...

Ya está sold out a través de Digitalis?

Yo tengo unas copias de ambos discos. Acabo de abrir la tienda online hace unas semanas: http://www.twosteprecords.es/

Por si alguno está interesado podeis echar un ojo al catálogo.
Saludos y gracias por el blog durante tantos años!

Aexistencia said...

Este blog está de lujo, de verdad. Ya he escuchado varios grupos y solistas y me han gustado todos. Felicitaciones por el espacio que has creado, ojalá siga funcionando por mucho tiempo más :)
Abrazos siderales!