microphones in the trees: josh st. denis

Thursday, March 29, 2012

josh st. denis

"from icy cold sweater weather ambience to cozy warm peace blankets of folk induced acoustica rainbow laced with some lush verb. this is a re-issue of an edition of six that josh handed out at a show we played together two years ago. my absolute favourite workings of his, an absolute honour here to give it a second life." maggot valley

"Cloud Valley is/was/will always be one of the great tape labels. run by Scott Johnson of Thoughts on Air, the label put out efforts of artists across the experimental spectrum. seemingly though, this release by Josh St. Denis seemed to have slipped through the cracks and I haven’t seen it uploaded on a blog out there yet. Josh showcases both sides of the guitar coin with ominous drone tracks and fabulous solo acoustic reveries drifting upwards out of a vast canadian canyon. great album here. cheers to what Cloud Valley was and it’s now continuing venture as Maggot Valley." broadcasts from poor farm

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