microphones in the trees: caligine | tulasi | 余益裔

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

caligine | tulasi | 余益裔

"Tulasi is a Finnish duo, who are also known for their solo projects Kulkija and Kutomo as well as being involved in various free folk collectives. Their side consists of meditative drone-folk tracks, organ sounds and flute melodies creating tranquil spheres, at times more free-flowing, sometimes rhythmic. The other side of the tape is Caligine, a psych-folk project from Italy continuing the dronefolk theme, but in a slightly different manner. Starting with electric guitar feedback noise, the massive track turns into a beautiful and melodic acoustic guitar piece. Poly boxes with artwork by Anya Kuts. Limited to 75 copies." jozik

"In the cold plains of Shandong, Caligine compile a short diary about tape hiss and winter holidays: a found steel guitar slightly out of tune, twanging and rusty. The empty stones in the Kong Mansion, red leaves rustling. A radio chanting far away. The rain on the pier, westwards. On the other side, 余益裔 weaves together fragments of displaced field recordings, folk reverbs, subdued white noise and solitary bass, an aural cartography of a place dreamt by someone unknown." monstres par excès

fotos: violetjulia


rafa said...

qué bien le sientan las fotos de violet julia

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split split split!