microphones in the trees: nuojuva

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


"Olli Aarni, the young Finnish mastermind behind the Ous Mal project has shed his former skin and settled comfortably into the Nuojuva moniker. his pastoral loops are further enhanced with vocals from Anya Kuts (Love Cult) and Rachel Evans (Motion Sickness of Time Travel)." hooker vision

cómo describir dos canciones como 'punapuola kankahalla' o 'ikina'. es hooker vision, el astronauta olli aarni (todo lo que hace es bonito, no importa el estilo), rachel evans y anya kuts en las voces. como acercarse a leyland kirby a través de jonna karanka, sala~arhimo o los delfines del futuro. envolvente, cinemático, ensoñador,...y muchísimoss adjetivos atmosféricos más

foto: laura kiernan


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