microphones in the trees: attenuated

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


"Ian Kennedy has just released Night of Sense, a deeply impressive debut recording on the Space Slave Editions label, under the project name Attenuated. the release features heavily layered and processed, slowly modulating orchestrated drones arranged to very high levels of creative expression, all reinforced by the type of emotional honesty that is essential to good art. On the whole, moments where this combination of form and emotion reaches a high point, as on the first piece, “Wireframe Fantasy”, see Kennedy approach something profound with his work." jordan anderson ~ foxy digitalis

la intensidad de attenuated es tal que habrá que seguir muy de cerca todo lo que publique space slave editions en el futuro: stag hare, black eagle child, quiet evenings, lee noble, thoughts on air, golden pawn...reflejo del buen gusto y de todo lo que carl ha ido compartiendo en su blog the radiant now

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