microphones in the trees: peat raamur

Thursday, May 03, 2012

peat raamur

"Rotifer-founder David Toro's moniker Peat Raamur has been circulating material for the past couple of years via his own label alongside Housecraft and Cloud Valley. while Toro's discography may not be the most expansive, the project has managed to conjure and establish sounds that veil their own definition. while one could speculate that a guitar and/or keyboard is used, the coating of analog sewage renders the image so blurry that those instruments couldn't be confirmed.

Currants travels down a path where a bouncy melody is reduced to a gargle as it cycles back and forth, varying in speed and harmony. perhaps the title references the myriad of paths taken during these 33 minutes. Currants marks an instance of beautiful progression for Peat Raamur, dwelling within similarly cavernous surroundings, yet acquiring the ambition to enter new dimensions... not only does this little tape characterize and hone a new sound, but it also stirs anticipation for future releases." carter mullin (reedbeds)

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