microphones in the trees: the exhalers / meadowlands

Thursday, May 24, 2012

the exhalers / meadowlands

"after releasing under the names Mediafired, JCCG, and Sofa Pits, and establishing his own Exo Tapes as one of young tape labels to watch, the Portuguese chill out maester known as João/Johnny has launched a new project titled The Exhalers. this new material sets about effortlessly hybridizing drone and ambient conventions, as well as digital and analog elements: the recordings were done on an old fostex x28h multitrack cassette machine and prominently features the notoriously bright tones of a casio ctk-495. throw in an army of web art dolphins and you have yourself an aesthetic. the cooing oscillations and digitized cracklings of “~player~” comprise the B side of Wave Reader II.O, which is the second in a series of three tapes. the semi-binaural pulsations are extremely relaxing, so we suggest you put on the good headphones and dive into this seriously blissful stuff." international tapes

"to say he starts gathering pace would probably be an overstatement, but compared to the sheer ambient delight of his previous stuff, what our man McGregor aka Meadowlands does here on his very excellent new Cross-sectional Studies tape might be considered a slightly new direction, an exploration into sonic territory that is still very much about texture and intricate soundscaping for the sake of pure experimentation, yet that for the first time, as far as I’m informed, also features something I’m inclined to call, until further notice, an actual rhythm section." nfop

dos nuevas referencias para un sello que acaba de empezar y que nos emociona recibir en nuestro correo. wave reader de the exhalers podría ser otra de esas grabaciones tan cetacean nation cassettes de paisajes acuáticos, no sólo por su música sino también por los entrañables dibujos de delfines y collages de mundos submarinos del interior de la cinta, un auténtico regalo caído del cielo. imagina a duncan cameron flotando ingrávido en una sexta dimensión, añade un poquito de ginjoha tapes, texturas volátiles, teclados lunares y ambientes campestres en un mundo new age...y así hasta casi  llegar con 'cruise booze', 'crystal bird' y 'bubbles to miles' a alcanzar el enigmático mood de un disco irrepetible como 'on sea-faring isolation' de dolphins into the future. imposible no caer rendida y enamorada también ante meadowlands y una portada que invita a sumergirse de lleno, a dejarse hipnotizar por las sensuales postales ambient de 'sonafin' o 'pumpernickles'. lo mismo pero diferente. capas infinitas, texturas flotantes, drones de los que no quieres salir, y una canción en repeat: 'bamboo hearts'.

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Anonymous said...

no se por ué pero leyendo la descripción me ha dado la sensación de estar leyendo la receta de un manjar maravilloso :-)

será por la hora? jeje

ainhoa :-)