microphones in the trees: inner tube

Sunday, May 20, 2012

inner tube

"Emeralds guitar eminence Mark McGuire and original hypnagogia superstar and Skaters legend Spencer Clark aka Monopoly Child Star Searchers aka whatever, here operating under his newish moniker Charles Berlitz, with a 45-minute exercise of laid-back, fuzzed-out surf pop that arrives “just in time for the Aussie Summer” and that’s “devoted to sick beaches like Mermaids and Swami’s or Sunset Cliffs and Bondi”. Inner Tube is built around Clark’s slacker rhythms and sees him employing a nice blend of keyboards, drums, vocals and samples all delightfully muffled, while the real focal point of course has to be McGuire’s contemplative, yearning guitar play, a stupendous combination that results in the most incredible dreamlike melancholia musings this side of paradise. the record is inspired by their mutual admiration of surf culture, so it's not surprising that Inner Tube track "mr" is a tribute to the 1980's Australian surfer Mark Richards" nfop

'winner takes it all' es casi puro guitar hero style, ochentera, distinta...pero no te cansas de escucharla. un billete de ida al mundo de los jardines sintéticos de charles berlitz y las guitarras flotantes tan ducktails de mark mcguire. me encanta


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Unknown said...

Hi I just bought Inner Tube on vinyl but I am also looking for an mp3 or flac download. Do you have it?