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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

drop sum

drone/meditative/acoustic/ambient/lo-fi guitar from Ukraine

"Drop Sum is one-man project of Taras Yakobchuk, professional astronomer from Kyiv, Ukraine. he has a fenomenal ability to use guitar in a unusual way. through alternative guitar tunings he creates acoustic drone music with huge amount of overtones, that may sound like sitar or jaw harp harmonics. he plays meditatively slow with many attention to details ~ each tiny sound should be in harmony with others. on Mrata, Taras friend Alexander added a throaty voice, some low overtones in background.

Drop Sum travel through space somewhere between 60s minimalists simplicity and modern drone haze. it's like a door to eternity, like feeling when you touch water surface to see the deepness, swimming around, up and down from melodies to deep drones, from simple notes to their smallest harmonics." pied paper

"increíble cómo una persona y una guitarra acústica pueden crear una música tan rica, tan llena de capas, y que al mismo tiempo parezca un sítar o incluso un arpa/ birimbao, un simple y antiquísimo instrumento musical tocado con la boca..." pied paper

 ~ mrta | umâ ~

 and, as a gift, here is the new ep, just recorded yesterday:

 ~ mergo ~

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