microphones in the trees: roy orb dmt

Monday, May 21, 2012

roy orb dmt

"with his first Moon Glyph release, Roy Orb beckons you to a peaceful, pleasurable synthetic journey. a certified practitioner with countless years of metaphysical therapy, Roy gives great attention to the hues and textures he prescribes, conjuring sonic salves to balance body and soul alike. close your eyes, breathe deeply and drift away as Oberheim soundwaves carry you to realms of health and wholeness heretofore unimagined. admittedly no sorcerer, but certainly no common “doctor”, Roy Orb materializes healing tones for ailing minds." moon glyph

"como sugiere el título, roy orb está aquí para aliviar tus enfermedades metafísicas. prescribiendo sonidos extraídos del botiquín donde guarda sintetizadores vintage, el buen doctor está dispuesto a combatir cualquier desgaste originado por siglos de nerviosismo existencial." the somethin' else


Anonymous said...

the download link has no file attached

ana said...

there's a new link to download

Anonymous said...

i expanded upon this news. thank you so.