microphones in the trees: plankton wat

Friday, May 04, 2012

plankton wat

"Plankton Wat’s Spirits album reflects the undeniable chakra-centering power of Portland Dewey Mahood, who also plays with Eternal Tapestry, Garden Sound, and Edibles. on Spirits, Mahood refines his psych-rock proclivities into tranquil emanations reminiscent of Alice Coltrane and Don Cherry’s most sacred gestures and the liquid bliss of Sensations’ Fix’s “Music Is Painting in the Air.” the ten tracks here radiate a holy, pastoral beauty, making Spirits an early contender for my top albums of 2012 list." the stranger

"the music is inspired by the pacific northwest environment, the mountains and coastline, the weather, sky and clouds, and my closest friends." dewey mahood

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Crystal Rat said...

Thanks Ana!

Anonymous said...

not so good...disappointing.

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