microphones in the trees: brother ong

Friday, July 13, 2012

brother ong

"...my wife, in her infinite understanding of me and my inner workings, gifted me a shahi baaja for my 34th birthday and permitted me to forget all I had done before and to recreate myself. her words surged through me like an electrical current and immediately opened up a new path of creativity for me. I had no notions about the shahi baaja. It was a mystery to me. I returned once again to a space of experimentation, deep listening, focus, pure sound and pure creativity. I was practicing a daily bowing meditation during this recording session. I would bow in reverence to creation for half an hour and then pick up my instrument and the sound and creation just flowed through." mike tamburo~brother ong

cuerdas con magia...las canciones no suenan, flotan ~

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